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The excitement is building!

Dreaming. Praying. Planning. With each step, with each conversation, with each passing day the excitement for SMMR FEST 2017 is building!

Our vision, our dream, our prayers to see a brand new, exciting, inter-church 5 day festival for all young people in year 8 & up from Ballymena & beyond is quickly becoming reality & we love it!

We are so excited to see churches, young people & communities come together this summer each afternoon & evening from Monday 14-Friday 18 August @ High Kirk Church.

Full of fun, large on laughter, high in energy, splashed in colour, grounded in community & focused on Jesus we can’t wait to welcome you & your young people to this festival!

We are so excited & expectant because we believe that this will be an incredible week where God will meet with us & transform the lives of young people forever.

We’ll see you in August but in the meantime, for all the latest news & info follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat @smmrfest or check out our website :

Go for launch

For months we have been dreaming. For months we have been praying. For months we have been planning. For months we have been looking forward – looking forward to launching SMMR FEST to church leaders, youth leaders, parents & all of Ballymena.

We are so excited that this week is launch week & that this Tuesday night (23 May) officially gets the SMMR FEST show on the road! We feel like a bunch of astronauts inside the rocket anticipating the countdown, ready to feel the rumble & force as we lift off & embark on this amazing adventure to see young people excited to encounter Jesus & become equipped to live for him!

If you are a church leader, youth leader, parent or someone with a heart for the Kingdom & to see young people set free in Jesus then we’d love for you to join us for our launch.

We’re gathering Tuesday 23 May @ 7:45pm in High Kirk Church where we’ll worship, share our heart & vision & spend some time collectively praying for the young people of our churches & town, all over a good cup of coffee.

We look forward to meeting & journeying with you.

For all the latest news & info follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat @smmrfest or check out our website :