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Monday 19 – Friday 23rd August
Wellington Church, Ballymena


To see all young people across Ballymena encounter Jesus & become excited & equipped to live for him.

“Over the years I’ve had the chance to be involved as a leader in loads of camps, festivals, youth weeks & more, but hands down SMMR FEST was the best of them all! The laughter, the energy, the community were all amazing! But, seeing a generation of young people meeting Jesus & being so excited to live for him sticks out in my memory like nothing else & makes me so so excited to be involved with SMMR FEST in 2018 – I cannot wait!”

[Andrew, SMMR FEST leader]

What is SMMR FEST?

SMMR FEST is centred around the glory of Jesus! Our vision, our heart, our dream, our prayer is a 5 day inter church festival full of fun, large on laughter, high in energy, surrounded by colour, grounded in community & focused on opportunities for young people to encounter Jesus & become excited & equipped to live for him! We are believing for the Father to move, as He has before, & transform the lives of young people forever & with it, the churches & town of Ballymena!

Run with us

We believe that God wants to use each one of us to carry his light, share his love, facilitate his Kingdom, build his church, and make a difference in our town. Please consider running with us to help achieve the vision of SMMR FEST by doing any or all of these things below:

own it and share it– believe in, be excited by and make this week, and its potential reach and fruit, known in your churches
pray– for SMMR FEST, the team, the week and, ultimately, the young people of our churches and wider town.
give– a one off donation towards the ministry
volunteer– share your time and talents during the week as you invest in lives for all eternity
bring– young people from your church and local community along


that together we will see God do amazing things in the lives of our young people.


Monday 19 – Friday 23 August

6:30pm-10pm each day


Who is SMMR FEST for?

SMMR FEST is for all young people Year 8 (from September 2018) to age 18.


What is the cost of SMMR FEST?

SMMR FEST is free for all young people who attend! However, we will have snacks, books & merchandise for sale throughout the week.


Where will the sessions take place?

All the sessions this year will take place at Wellington Church located at 28 Sourhill Road, Ballymena, BT42 2NB. 


What will a typical day be like?

A typical day at SMMR FEST will be a mix of big banter activities, free time to hang out, main sessions, workshops & so much more.


What does my young person need to bring?

Just themselves! However, young people can bring their Bible, a notebook or journal, a pen, & spending money if they wish.


Is transport available?

Transport will not be available to or from Wellington Church throughout the week. 


I’m interested in serving. How do I sign up?

We are excited that you are interested in serving in this exciting week! For more information & to hear about SMMR FEST 2018, how you can be involved & to sign up please get in touch with us on 02825 647185 or email us – we would love to meet you for a coffee!


Do you have any promotional materials for SMMR FEST?

Yes! We have promotional posters, flyers & consent forms available for download here or available to collect in person from our office at Wellington Pres. Church


Who do I contact if I still have questions?

You can contact Peter on 02825 647185 or email:

Get in Touch

SMMR FEST @ Wellington Pres. Church

28 Sourhill Road


BT42 2NB